Nightlife in Prague – Best Areas, Pubs & Clubs

Here you’ll find all the useful information on the nightlife in Prague – the best areas, discos, jazz clubs and bars to enjoy the evening in the city.

1. Introduction – Before Going Out

In Prague beer is cheaper than mineral water and all tourists and locals certainly enjoy it. Museums and rich cultural heritage of the city are the main attraction for many visitors, but Prague is also known for its spectacular parties. You can spend months there without getting bored by the nightlife.

People usually go out around 6 pm and in the warm season go to beer gardens and local terraces, while in the cold season – to the pubs indoors. As the night progresses, they move on to pubs, which become animated usually between 10 pm and midnight. After 10 pm or later, it’s time to go to spectacular nightclubs that remain open until 5 am.

A romantic option for couples is to dine on a boat on the Vltava River, for € 45 you can enjoy wonderful views, have a dinner and 3 hours of tour.

Areas to go out in Prague:

  • Prague 1 (Zone 1): It is the main area where the square of the Old Town (Staré Město) is located. The alleys of this district are full of life by the day and night.
  • Prague 2 and 3 (Zones 2 and 3): Two districts nearby also have some typical bars, pubs and discos, but they are not so full of life. They are common among locals because of more acceptable prices, but they are often less trendy.
  • Wenceslao Square: Located between Zones 1 and 2, here are several clubs and discos open until early in the morning.

2. Starting the Party

Party time in Prague starts quite late. Local pubs fill up at 10 pm. During the afternoon it is normal to go to the beer gardens and start drinking and getting into the mood. The best beer gardens are the ones on the banks of the Vltava river.

If you also want to dine and try special beers, we recommend the Prague Beer Museum, which has more beers than you can try in a single day.

3. Pubs and Bars in Prague

One of the most common nocturnal activities is going to pubs and bars to enjoy the so-called “beer capital”. The best pubs are in the Old Square and are distributed around the Náměstí Republiky square.

As in all popular cities, these bars are the most touristic. If you want to go where the locals go and pay even less for beer ,we recommend the districts of Prague 2 (full of restaurants and bars) and Prague 3 (with more pubs, but further away).

Here are 3 essential pubs to visit:

1. Harley’s Pub in Prague

Party, young people and good atmosphere all night, do not miss it.

2. Cocktails in Bukowski’s Bar

Dark, elegant and with good cocktails.

3. Týnská Bar and Books

Very classic and elegant, this bar offers a cozy atmosphere that adorns the nights of partying in Prague with a dose of culture.

4. Enjoy Jazz in Prague

Prague is loyal to its Jazz heritage, the city retains a certain romanticism that fits well with style. The lovers of the genre will find elegant venues where to drink and at the same time delight their ears, listening to endless melodies played with a good saxophone. Jazz clubs are an elegant alternative to the typical club / disco party when it comes to the nightlife in Prague.

1. Jazz Club Ungelt Praha

A small and cozy club, always full of young artists.

2. Reduta Jazz Club

Reduta Jazz Club was the first Jazz club in Prague. It usually organizes concerts open to the public.

There are many more jazz clubs with intermittent events, visit the official website to buy tickets and find out about all of them.

5. Best Clubs in Prague

The party in Prague is a madness that lasts all night and you can’t see all that the Czech capital has to offer in less than a month, so choose well. We leave you a list with the best clubs in Prague – enjoy!

Lucerna Music Bar in Prague

Lucerna Music Bar in Prague

  1. Disco Karlovy Lázně 
  2. Lucerna Music Bar 
  3. Disco “Double Trouble”
  4. Disco Club Termix 
  5. Club-Restaurant SaSaZu 
  6. Club-Restaurant Radost FX 

More Ideas About Nightlife in Prague

Do you know or recommend somewhere else to go out in Prague? Share your tips and experience! Leave your comment.

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