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In Euroviajar.com, we believe that there is an optimum way to travel and discover new places and cultures. A valuable way that lets you grasp the essence of the place and understand its culture. A less invasive way, that makes you respect the local rules and minimize your footprint. An individual way that lets you explore, experience and live the journey with all senses.

We are passionate about travelling, and our goal is to help all our readers and subscribers to enjoy Europe to the maximum.

Our Travel Guides

The quality information we give you is thoroughly researched, based on our personal experience and regularly updated. Together with optimized design it will let you explore new places and immerse yourself in the diversity of European cultures with ease.

We work on the creation of truthful, practical and inspiring content, easy and accessible, to facilitate for you navigating in a world full of noise and too many sources of superficial information.

We know that the user experience is one of the most difficult aspects to achieve, it implies the adequate combination of numerous skills (design, development, content, closeness, credibility, etc.) together with the tireless passion to travel and explore. For us as individuals it is an opportunity to follow our passion in each area we cover and as a team to create an open and free on-line community that offers value to all its users.

Our Story

Euroviajar.com was founded on April 18, 2010 by Kevin Mamaqi Kapllani with the aim of improving the user experience and facilitate travelling in Europe for every traveller insterested.

In the past 9 years, Euroviajar.com developed to a reliable travel portal in Spanish and English, with a network of partners, over 30,000 subscribers and growing traveller community.

Our Team

Exploring Europe with Euroviajar.com

That’s me – Kevin – exploring Europe with Euroviajar.com – Saranda, Albania

Kevin Mamaqi Kapllani – CEO & Founder of Euroviajar.com

Professional background: MSc, Industrial Design Engineer, Entrepreneur at KMdevs

I focus on offering more than information and facts, making Euroviajar.com distinguished by quality and design. I’m responsible for the design and development of the portal and business relations.

That's me - Małgorzata - exploring Europe with Euroviajar.com :) Ghent - Belgium

That’s me – Małgorzata – exploring Europe with Euroviajar.com – Ghent, Belgium

Małgorzata Kmita – Chief Editor & Writer of Euroviajar.com

Professional background: MBA, MA in Psychology of Management and Innovation, MA in European Studies, Entrepreneur

I joined Euroviajar.com in 2018, publishing my first article about Lisbon beaches – written in the Netherlands – from a café in Tirana, Albania. Since then, it’s been a long way, with lots of travels and even more articles. I’m responsible for the content quality and strategy. I write sharing our own experience, providing insider’s knowledge and practical advice.

Our Mission

Offering quality content, inspiration, valuable advice and the best user experience to the international traveller community exploring Europe.

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