Nightlife in Athens – Best Clubs, Bars and Party Areas

Nightlife in Athens is exciting, as Greeks like to go out late and spend time in bars. Hence, there is variety of options for spending a pleasant evening in this dynamic city.

How is the nightlife of Athens

The capital of Greece is full of terraces and garden bars perfect for relaxing. The many trendy bars and places throughout the city are varied and full of charm (below you have a quick guide with the best areas). Athens is a very cosmopolitan city, which is reflected in the variety of its districts.

Like any big city, Athens has several popular clubs that get very busy at any time of the year. The closing time is different depending on whether it is a bar or a disco. Bars usually close around three or four in the morning, while nightclubs tend to close around six or seven in the morning.

The nightlife of Athens differs from other European cities in the fact that its activity increases during the winter months, but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy a festive atmosphere at any time of the year. There are many festivals and events throughout the year.

Going out in the evening in Athens remember that as in other big cities, if you want to enter a stylish club or disco, it is advisable to go well dressed, as some clubs have selection at the entrance. Therefore, better avoid flip-flops, sport shoes, or other casual garments.

The Best Areas to go out in Athens (Districts)

Below is a quick guide with the best areas to party in Athens:

1. Exarchia – young and alternative district

As has happened in many cities, the student and immigrant neighbourhood, Exarchia, has become an alternative neighborhood. After a wave of bad press, mainly related to riots arising from the crisis, Exarchia has resurfaced again. Today it is full of cafes, live music and culture. There are few hotels in the area, so you can immerse yourself in the Athenian atmosphere.

2. Syntagma Square and Surroundings

Syntagma Square is one of the busiest places in the city where you can find a good atmosphere at any time of day and night. In the summer, it generally stays busy until late at night.

In the area, there is a large number of bars and cafes that are bustling with life in the evening (and many also during the day), but it also has many clubs to party in Athens until dawn. It is a very picturesque place that is worth visiting.

3. Plaka and Pisirí

The districts of Plaka and Pisirí are also good options for partying in Athens because of the large number of bars and clubs that are located nearby. Some of the most popular are the Brettos bar, famous for being the oldest distillery in Greece and Loud Mansion (on Hermes street) one of the most popular clubs to party until six in the morning.

Top Clubs in Athens

And finally our list with the best nightclubs in Athens:

1. Dybbuk

For a decade Dybbuk has been a reference point for the nightlife in Athens. It is a nightclub that is very popular with locals and also with tourists, because it is located in the busy Sintagma area.

2. Rock’n’Roll

This bar – restaurant – club is full of life and since 1987 offers an unbeatable party. You have to book before going.

3. ToyRoom

An exclusive and chic club, where appearance matters. It is defined as provocative and exciting. Remember to go there well dressed to avoid problems at the entrance. It is in the area of Syntagma, too.

More on Nightlife in Athens

Do you have any other suggestions of great places to go or the most exciting clubs? Add them in the comments below.

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