Partners Programme

Do you offer the best services for travelers in Europe? We are looking for you.

Partner Programme

1. How does the partner program work?
It works with collaborations through sponsorships in content. If a partner meets the conditions set out on this page, the partner can buy an advertising space for a cost of €199 €99 per year (plus VAT).

2. What is the advertising space?

The content is shown in our travel guides as an independent article and will also be linked in general articles. For example, in our articles like “The Best Things to do in [City]”, “10 Reasons to Visit [City]” etc., we will recommend our partner.

Our articles include dofollow links to facilitate the access of our users and also of the search engines.

3. What are the advantages of our advertising space for our partners?
At, we have thousands of users who visit our pages every day and from all over the world to get information and have a better experience during their trip. Among others, they look for practical information and travel recommendations.

The quality of our content and a solid user experience is the foundation for the visits, an important list of subscribers (+30,000) and a strong presence in social networks, with 4,000 followers on Facebook and 1,600+ on Twitter.

In this context, our partners benefit from a long-term relationship in which their services are recommended to thousands of users, and their search engine online authority increases thanks to ours. On the other hand, we search and evaluate companies manually, and we also collaborate with a limited number, selecting the best ones to offer greater value to our users and partners.

4. What kind of companies can participate?
Hotels, restaurants, experiences, specialized stores and transport services are among the companies with which we usually collaborate. If you consider that your company adds value to tourists from your city or region, contact us.

5. What conditions must the Partner meet?

  • Companies must be established in the European Union and have a valid VAT number.
  • They must dedicate themselves to the tourism sector, offering value through products and/or services.
  • They must be offering the service now; no future products or services are accepted.
  • They must authorize the right to use their logos, photographs and content to include their services and promote them on and our social networks.

6. What content do we need?
The partner must provide a description of the services and a fixed or base price (for example, “our X service costs €39…”). This description must be accompanied by quality images to include the content in our travel guides, newsletters and social networks.

7. How can I become a Partner?
Contact us and indicate in the description what your service is and the interest in our Partners program.

8. What is the procedure?
Once the contact has been established and the interest of the partner has been expressed, we need to obtain the content, review it and publish it first with private access to make you view it before final publication. Once confirmed, we issue an invoice and the payment is made through

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Do you offer the best travel services in Europe? Then we are looking for you.

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