Nightlife in Berlin – Best Bars, Discos and Clubs

Nightlife in Berlin means enjoying some of the best clubs in the world, going to outdoor parties, relaxing on the terraces of the River Spree or in new hipster areas. You can do anything you want, and we will explain to you where to go to find the best entertainment.

Berlin is known worldwide as the capital of Techno, its premises have no closing time and you can buy breakfast 24 hours a day. The city is ultra-modern, varied and alternative.

It is definitely one of the most fun cities of Europe, so discover where to go!

Best areas to go out in Berlin

The most popular areas for partying in Berlin are around the district Mitte (centre), Prenzlauer (in the north), Friedrichshain to the east and Kreuzberg to the south. You can better see the Berlin neighbourhoods on the following map:

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1.1. Mitte District

Relaxing in Mitte District in Berlin

Relaxing in Mitte District in Berlin

The “Mitte” district is the central area, which you will surely visit during your stay. During the 90s it was known as the most authentic, modern and alternative area, but now, due to its location, it is a central area as in other cities.

Mitte is the ideal area to go out in Berlin and find a wide variety of pubs, bars and environments. The main street is Oranienburgerstraße, perfect to start an unforgettable night. The Mitte area (which by extension also includes Tiergarten) attracts young, older and also tourists. We recommend this area for your stay, because in addition to a fantastic nightlife you will be close to the main points of interest in Berlin.

1.2. Friedrichshain and Warschauer Straße area

Friedrichshain is the neighbourhood that holds the best parties in Berlin. Warschauer Straße has the best nightclubs in Berlin, while the area in general has been known since the 1920s for its bars and for being the LGBT area of Berlin. It has all kinds of nightclubs and clubs with techno, electronics and live music for all tastes. Located in the east side of Berlin, during the weekend it is full of party lovers that fill the clubs in the area.

Some clubs are considered the best in the world, however it is not a glamorous area. Most are found in buildings that used to be warehouses or factories, but this is also a fundamental part of Berlin’s culture and authenticity.

Some of the most famous nightclubs in this area are:

  1. Watergate
  2. Tresor
  3. Berghain

1.3. Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg has become an “alternative area”, a place of refuge for those who disagreed with Mitte’s excessive commercialization. We recommend Kulturbrauerei, an old brewery that has been converted into an area with bars, restaurants, clubs and design studios.

Kastanienallee street, which connects the neighbourhood with Mitte, houses the oldest biergarten in the city, Prater.

1.4. Kreuzberg

The hipster neighbourhood par excellence of Berlin has bars, clubs and a good atmosphere during the day and night. Just go around, relax and enjoy the district for a whole day.

2. Best Discos in Berlin

Berlin is world famous for having some of the best and oldest Techno clubs in the world. The city policy of letting the discos open 24h and some DJs such as Markus Schulz or Ben Klock have helped consolidate the capital of Germany as the capital of Techno.

Some of the best discos for perfect taste of nightlife in Berlin include the following:

2.1. Matrix Club

Matrix Club in Berlin

Matrix Club in Berlin

Matrix spreads over three floors and in each one you can listen to a different style of music, with the genres varying between pop, rock, electro and techno.

2.2. Watergate

Watergate disco in Berlin

Watergate disco in Berlin

The nightlife in Berlin is great partly also thanks to this establishment located on the Warschauer Strasse bridge. Watergate is not only a famous nightclub in Berlin, it is also one of the most selective clubs that can be found.

2.3. Berghain Panorama Bar

Berghain Panorama Bar in Berlin

Berghain Panorama Bar in Berlin

A disco that many often comment on: “anything can happen here” thanks to the freedom of its atmosphere, combined with rhythms that make it possible to feel in trance and not lose for a minute the desire to continue partying.

2.4. Tresor

Tresor disco in Berlin

Tresor disco in Berlin

The Tresor nightclub in Berlin is undoubtedly one of the best in the world, also considered by many the temple of Techno music.

3. Best Pubs and Clubs in Berlin

In addition to discos, in Berlin you will also find some clubs famous for their cocktails and elegance or atmosphere. Below, you will find our recommendations of some of the most interesting clubs in Berlin.

3.1. BrewDog in Berlin Mitte

Brewdog Berlín Mitte

BrewDog Berlín Mitte

An ideal place to start the night, especially if you are staying in Mitte. BrewDog is a British franchise that has a bar / pizzeria and a brewery (separate) in Berlin. You can find here more than 30 types of tap beers and others in the bottle, many of the brand itself.

3.2. Klunkerkranich



This bar located on the fifth floor of the Neukölln Arcaden shopping center car park offers one of the best views in Berlin. Perfect for sunsets (and sunrises) in a totally unexpected place in the southern part of Berlin.

3.3. Bar Tausend

Bar Tausend in Berlin

Bar Tausend in Berlin

Elegant and with a unique and dark design, the Tausend bar is ideal to enjoy a good cocktail thanks to its peculiar menu that is inspired by the most famous neighbourhoods of the metropolis. There are also days with live music with local DJs.

Website of Bar Tausend

3.4. The Curtain Club

The Curtain Club in Berlin

The Curtain Club in Berlin

Located at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, The Curtain Club is an elegant cocktail club inspired by Latin American style. They offer the best cocktails and you can enjoy jazz, soul and / or Latin American music live.

Websie of The Curtain Club

3.5 Biergarten Prater

Prater is the oldest biergarten in Berlin (it began its activity in 1837), located on Kastanienallee street. It is a place that has been offering beer and theatre entertainment to its visitors for more than 100 years. Although there is a permanent bar all year round, the best time is from April to September, when the garden is open.

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