Guide to Public Transport in Athens

In our guide to public transport in Athens you will find all about the transport means, prices, unified rates and discounts, as well as applications to move around the city.

Prices of Tickets

Public transport in Athens has a unified price for all types of means of transport and the fares are affordable compared to other European capitals. There are also tickets for tourists, and since 2018 they are simplified thanks to the ATH.ENA card.


Tarjeta-Ticket Athenea

Ath.ena Ticket

Bus Trolleybus Tram Metro
Individual Tickets 
90 minutes’ ticket including Metro to the Airport, X80 Express Bus Line €1.40
90 minutes’ ticket with a discount. The discount applies to people over 65 and university students under 25 €0.60
24 h ticket €4.50
5-day ticket €9.00
3-day ticket, including a roundtrip to the Airport. €22.00

The costs of transportation to the airport are reflected in the table below. X80 bus belongs to the public transport network of Athens and its cost is covered by the general fare (table above).

Tickets to the Airoport
Regular EXPRESS Bus Ticket €6.00
Regular EXPRESS Bus Ticket with Discount €3.00
Metro Ticket to the Airport €10.00
Metro Ticket to the Airport with Discount €5.00
Roundtrip Metro Ticket to the Airport €18.00
Metro Ticket to the Airport from or to the Stops Pallini-Kantza-Koropi) €6.00
Metro Ticket to the Airport from or to the Stops Pallini-Kantza-Koropi) with Discount €3.00



The Athens metro has a modest network with 3 lines and 51 stations. It connects the centre of the city with the main monuments and the Airport. From Sunday to Thursday it runs from 05:30 am to 00:30 am, Friday and Saturday the last train departs at 02:00 am.


The buses are the means of transport most commonly used by the Athenians. It can be useful for certain museums and monuments, especially when using intercity buses. The buses of Athens have a frequency of 15 minutes and operate from 05:00 am to 00:00 am.


Trams in Athens are a good option to move to the coastal neighborhoods of the city. In addition, it has an exclusive lane and does not get stuck in the traffic of the city as is the case of buses. It has 3 lines and 48 stations. It operates from Sunday to Thursday from 05:30 am to 00:15 am. Friday and Saturday the last tram departs at 02:15 am.


Athens has a large number of taxis and they are a reliable and affordable way to get around the centre, with rates around € 5-10. There are fixed and more expensive costs depending on the destination, such as the Airport, which costs € 38, or € 54 if the trip is between 00:00 and 05:00 am.

  • Starting price: € 1.19.
  • Day charge (rate 1): 0.68 €/km. The day charge applies from 05:00 am to 00:00. The taximeter must be set at rate 1.
  • Night charge: € 1.19/km. The night charge applies from 00:00 to 05:00 am. The taximeter must be set at rate 2.
  • Extra charge for each bag of more than 10 kg: € 0.40
  • Minimum charge for Athens and Thessaloniki: € 3.16.
  • Minimum charge for the rest of the country: € 3.00.
  • At Christmas and Easter, an extra 1-2 euros is charged as a tip.


Athens is not a safe city for cyclists. Driving is chaotic and there are few bike paths. However, the city strives to change the situation and the bicycle can be carried on the tram and the metro. In addition, a new bike path goes from the centre of the city to the beach.

Apps for Traffic

The best option to move around Athens using your mobile is Google Maps, it will give you times, routes and recommendations of the best option for public transport at all times.

Another option is to use Moovit.

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