Barcelona By Bike – Rental, Routes and Tours

Visiting Barcelona by bike is one of the most fun, free and adventurous ways to see the city, avoiding the crowds and public transport and burning some calories with pleasure.

Visiting the best sights in Barcelona by bike is not only time-efficient, but it’s a sporty, healthy way to spend a day or a few hours. You will be able to see more and feel like a local.

Don’t be intimidated by the big city traffic – there are plenty of routes which will lead you along a clearly designated bike lane.

Ready for a ride?!

Is Barcelona bike-friendly?

Barcelona is one of Europe's best cities for cycling

Barcelona is one of Europe’s best cities for cycling

In the last years, Barcelona is consistently listed amoung the most bike-friendly cities in Europe – and in the world. Mild, sunny weather over 300 days a year, a multitude of beautiful places to see and numerous bike lanes makes the ride through Barcelona by bike an exciting experience!

How many bike lanes are there in Barcelona?

Bike lanes along Barceloneta beach are among the most popular

Bike lanes along Barceloneta beach are among the most popular (photo courtesy Bike On Wood)

Barcelona has 308 km of bike lanes. 22.5% of the length of the street network has a bike lane (source: the city council of Barcelona).

Separated bike lanes are located mostly adjacent to long streets outside of the heart of the Old Town. The city centre of Barcelona is famous for particularly narrow streets, so it’s not comfortable to ride there, but you can easily get close enough and park the bike.

Our tip: Bike lanes along the beaches of Barcelona are a real treat.

Is Barcelona hilly?

Barcelona by bike

After a long ride

Most of the municipal area of Barcelona (80%) is flat, so most bike lanes are really easy, with up to 2% slope. Pedalling won’t get you tired. The sun may, though – it warm months, remember about the sunscreen!

If you want to hit the slopes, head to Montjuic or the Passeig de les Aigües for more intense workout rewarded by beautiful views over the city.

Where can I find a map with bike lanes in Barcelona?

Here is an official map of bike lanes from the city council – Ayuntament de Barcelona, updated every quarter, in a downloadable pdf version:

And here you will find an interactive official map from the city council.

How to rent a bike in Barcelona?

Do you want to try out these beauties? Rent them from Bike On Wood (photo courtesy Bike On Wood) - Barcelona by bike

Do you want to try out these beauties? Rent them from Bike On Wood

There are numerous bike rental shops throughout the city centre, so you can localize them easily.

In this avantgarde and eco-friendly city, don’t settle for something average. We recommend you something really special – with a Barcelonian twist. Try a super trendy bicycle you have probably never ridden before: a wooden bike!

Bike On Wood rental offers spectacular wooden bikes with sleek design. They never fail to impress – they are real beauties! Hand-made in Greece, they are eco and well suit the spirit of the city. Unique and highly photogenic, they will look fabulous on your pictures!

Quite incredibly, renting them costs just the same as renting any other ordinary soul-less bike. Seriously, check them out! They are irresistible.

Bike On Wood: Visit the website

Phone no.: +34 603 70 77 23

Rent a wooden bike:

  • €10 for 6h rental
  • €15 for a full day rental
  • €75 monthly in leasing

Or buy a wooden bike for €1250

How much does it cost to rent a bike in Barcelona?

The best option is to rent a bike for a full day - it gives you a total freedom (Photo courtesy of Bike On Wood) - Barcelona by bike

The best option is to rent a bike for a full day – it gives you a total freedom (Photo courtesy Bike On Wood)

The prices vary depending on the rental shop location and the quality of bikes.

The average prices start at €5 per hour, €10 for 4 hours, €15 or more for a full day.

Are there guided bike tours in Barcelona?

Take a guided tour with Bike On Wood to explore the city in a unique way

Take a guided tour with Bike On Wood to explore the city in a unique way

Yes! Guided bike tours are a fantastic way to see the city, because you don’t need to plan anything and keep on checking the map. Just follow your experienced guide who knows all the best routes, viewpoints and shortcuts, and never misses a spot worth seeing.

Our favourite tours are always with Bike On Wood, because they are not just “bike guys” – they are professional city guides. Not only they know Barcelona inside out, but they are also great storytellers, keeping you entertained and very well informed, so that you really make the most of your visit. Even people living in Barcelona rediscover the city in a totally new dimension, from a fresh angle.

Does Barcelona have city bikes?

Bicing station near Passeig de Colom and Port Vell, Barcelona

Bicing station near Passeig de Colom and Port Vell

Yes, there is an extensive network of city bikes called Bicing, but it is available only for permanent residents of Barcelona, not for visitors.

If you are a tourist, skip this section – there is no way to use Bicing if you are not a resident of Barcelona. Read on from the section of The Best Bike Routes in Barcelona.

Bicing City Bikes

Bicing system is available 365 days a year 24 hours a day. The system comprises 6,000 standard bikes and 1,000 electric bikes and it has 424 stations throughout the city.

Residents of Barcelona register online here for a Bicing membership card. Once you obtain the card, you can borrow a bike for the time between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

You may also use Bicing app  to pick up a bike and check the exact time you need to return it. Moreover, through the app, you can request extra 10 minutes in case you need them.

What is the cost of Bicing in Barcelona?

Bicing costs €50 per year (flat rate), covering 30 minutes for free on mechanical bicycles. If you prefer to use an electric bicycle, you will pay a small extra cost calculated per 30 minutes.
There is also an option of a reduced fee of €35 per year, however with this option you pay a small extra cost for every ride, so it’s usually less recommended.

How to use Bicing system?

Bicing stations are easy to locate everywhere in Barcelona - Barcelona by bike

Bicing stations are easy to locate everywhere in Barcelona

  1. Pick up your bike at a Bicing pickup/drop off station.
  2. Ride it for up to 30 mins for free and leve it in the pickup/drop off station closest to your destination (there are many, so it should be easy).
  3. In case you exceed 30 mins, you can continue using the bike, paying a small extra cost for each block of 30 mins, up to 2 hours.
    For the time exceeding 2 hours, you pay a penalty per hour. Attention: After three penalties, your Bicing account will be closed.

What are the best bike routes in Barcelona?

1. The Old Town & The Sea route (9 km)

Vast sidewalk for cycling along Port Vell - Barcelona by bike

Vast sidewalk for cycling along Port Vell

Columbus Monument – Port Vell – Barceloneta beach – Parc de la Ciutadella – Arc de Triomf – back to Barceloneta

A route around the Old Town, along the beach, port and the biggest park in the centre. Splendid views guaranteed!

2. The Modernist Architecture route (6 km)

Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau - a fascinating art nouveau complex in Barcelona

Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau – a fascinating art nouveau complex in Barcelona

Passeig de Gracia (Casa Lleó Morera – Casa Amatller – La Pedrera (by Gaudí)) – Av. Diagonal (Casa Comalat – Casa de les Punxes) – Carrer de la Provença (Sagrada Familía) – Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau

This route lets you visit the greatest masterpieces of modernist architecture designed by Antoni Gaudí, Lluís Domènech i Montaner and Josep Puig i Cadafalch. You will also visit the famous grid-like network of streets in the Eixample district and the city’s most elegant avenue: Passeig de Gràcia with its luxury shops and restaurants.

3. Beaches & Torre Glòries route (10 km)

Go along the further beaches of Barcelona, north from Port Olimpic

Go along the further beaches of Barcelona, north from Port Olimpic

Port Olympic – Nova Icaria beach – Bogatell beach – Mar Bella beach – Fòrum – Av. Diagonal – Torre Glòries – Teatre Nacional de Catalunya – Zoo – Port Olympic

A route along the beautiful Port Olympic and three less-crowded beaches, and then to the modern part of the city next to the iconic Torre Glòries (the tower that looks like… yes, this one) and the Design Museum.

Where can I lock my bike in Barcelona?

In Barcelona never leave your bike unlocked

In Barcelona never leave your bike unlocked

With over 33,000 bicycle parking places on the streets of Barcelona, you will easily find a suitable spot.

Be careful though: There is a risk of bike thieves, so fasten your bike securely with a solid chain and don’t leave it for too long, especially in less frequented spots.

Where can I repair my bike?

You may get your bike repaired in most of the rental bike shops, which usually offer all services: rental, sales and repairs.

Can I take a bike by public transport?

  • Yes, you can take a bike to a tram or train, provided there is space, and only in the designated areas for bike transport.
  • In a metro, you can transport a bike always on Sat, Sun, or every day throughout July and August, but in the other months on working days only between 5 am and 7 am, 9.30 am and 5 pm, and 8.30 pm till the end of service.
  • In a bus, you can transport only a folding bike and you need to fold it before entering.

Tips for visiting Barcelona by bike

Cycling in Barcelona is pure visual pleasure

Cycling in Barcelona is pure visual pleasure

  • In theory, bike helmets are required by law. In practice this obligation is not reinforced, however, it’s a good safety measure to avoid injuries.
  • A bell and front and rear lights are obligatory. The lights must be on in the evening and night.
  • Listening to music etc. while riding is prohibited. Be careful in the more populated areas.
  • Cycling on sidewalks is generally prohibited.
  • It is allowed only if the sidewalk is at least 5 m (16 ft) wide. You might be stopped by a police officer and required to walk with the bicycle or ride it on the street instead.
  • Pedestrianized areas have speed limit of 20km/h.
  • You can’t ride a bicycle under influence of alcohol or drugs. If you have been drinking, just walk with your bike. Police officer can stop you and ask you to take an alcohol breath test. If you test positive, you may have to pay a high fine.
  • Pedestrians always have priority. Keep a safe distance from them. If they’re crossing a bike lane, you must stop to let them pass.
  • You can cycle on a bike lane in both directions, unless it is specifically indicated as one-way.
  • There are numerous drinking fountains throughout the city, so you can easily rehydrate while visiting Barcelona by bike.

Ready to explore Barcelona by bike?

Ready for a ride?

Ready for a ride?

Let us know if you have any other suggestions, favourite routes, tips useful for other bikers, or maybe some questions? Write a comment below!

7 thoughts on “Barcelona By Bike – Rental, Routes and Tours

  1. Is cycling permitted outside the usual sports time slots? Can anyone please clarify the situation about biking for me, because I see people riding bikes at different hours and wanted to know if I can too

    1. Hi James, at this moment, in Phase 0.5 of de-escalation, you are allowed to go cycling in Barcelona within the time permitted for practising sports (6-10 am or 8-11 pm), unless you have children. With children, you can go biking between 12 pm and 7 pm.

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