10 Excellent Reasons to Visit Prague, Czech Republic

Let me tell you a story… Or better – ten stories of ten excellent reasons to visit Prague, one of Europe’s most splendid cities! Discover the wonders of the proud capital of the Czech Republic!

1. Seek for Gold in “The Golden City”

Alchemy, legends, mystery...

Alchemy, legends, mystery…

Prague is not just a city like any other. It has a magnificent history full of mysteries and legends. Its enigmatic aura derives from the Renaissance, when the Bohemian Kingdom was European centre for alchemy. Philosophers searched for what was known as “philosopher’s stone”, a panaceum, i.e. a universal remedy for all the illnesses and more famously – a chemical substance which turns simple metals into gold.

One of the most famous spots to see in Prague is the Golden Lane, a charming street of tiny old houses next to the castle. Its name comes from goldsmiths who lived there, rather than alchimists, but some legends tell a different story…

2. Explore Europe’s Largest Castle

Admiring the view at the biggest castle complex in the world - Prague, Czech Republic - reasons to visit Prague

Admiring the view at the biggest castle complex in the world – Prague, Czech Republic

In Prague, the castle is not just one building, it’s an entire district. Well preserved charming medieval streets and squares with low houses are located inside the complex of enclosing palaces and monastery. You will find here several towers of varied shapes, courtyards and gardens. The most impressive central building is the wonderful Gothic Cathedral of St Vitus and the huge presidential palace.

The imposing castle complex is extremely photogenic seen from the other side of the Vltava river.

3. Kiss on Europe’s Most Romantic Medieval Bridge

Charles Bridge by night is a romantic's dream - reasons to visit Prague

Charles Bridge by night is a romantic’s dream

One of the oldest bridges still in use throughout centuries, Charles Bridge is also one of the loveliest in the world. The 14th-century stone bridge is decorated with statues of 30 saints, the silhouettes of which look like angels at nightfall. It is the famous lovers’ spot, for that unforgettable kiss in this very unique place, so lively at daytime, and so quiet late at night…

4. Check the Time and… the Planets on The Astronomical Clock

Astronomical clock in Prague is a timeless masterpiece of art and science

Astronomical clock in Prague is a timeless masterpiece of art and science

Just a few years older than the bridge, the world’s most famous clock is 600 years old, and never missed a second! That’s not, however, the reason for it’s fame. It is a technical marvel, indicating precisely not only time, but also the exact position of the sun, the moon, indicating the changing months. And still, that’s not all. It is also extremely elaborate artistically – come here at a full hour to see it’s medieval figures moving. Let’s meet here at moon o’clock…

5. Read Stories Written in Architecture

Prague proudly preserved its rich architectural heritage

Prague proudly preserved its rich architectural heritage

Prague was rich and powerful for a long period. Long enough to write its history in the buildings from subsequent epochs. The city was lucky to be spared during wars and so it remains one of the best preserved big European cities. It boasts a marvellous examples of Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Neo-Classicist and Art Nouveau architecture. Look around and admire – you will be enchanted!

6. Count the Towers in the “City of a Thousand Spires”

The City of 1000 Spires - Prague, Czech Republic - reasons to visit Prague

The City of 1000 Spires

Called the “City of a Thousand Spires”, Prague indeed has an incredible skyline. Count as much as you want, you will get lost, trying to add each and every tower and spire you notice from the viewpoints of the city. What a view!

7. Have a Beer Cheaper Than Water!

Pilsner - typical Czech beer

Pilsner – typical Czech beer

Yes, it’s true: in Czech Republic beer in pubs and restaurants costs less than mineral water. And it’s a great beer – one of the world’s favoutite types of beer – pilsner – was born in Prague! It’s surely one of the reasons to visit Prague. Pubs in Prague are famous and they have a lot of atmosphere. Na zdraví! (Cheers!)

Read more about Czech beers, alcoholic beverages and typical dishes here:

Typical Czech Food – 25 Traditional Dishes & Desserts

8. Enjoy the Famous Nightlife of Prague

Prague – lively crowd on Charles Bridge

When it comes to nightlife, Prague doesn’t have many equals. The number of pubs, bars, clubs and discos is amazing. The atmosphere in them is even better! The Czechs are welcoming, friendly people, and Czech girls are known as gorgeous beauties.

Check out the great nightlife scene in Prague here!

Nightlife in Prague – Best Areas, Pubs & Clubs

9. Go Crazy on Prague Festivals!

Bohemian Carnival in Prague

Bohemian Carnival in Prague

Many seasonal events in Prague are free to attend, and they are amazing, because the Czechs really know how to have fun! There are many annual events, parades, festivals and markets.

Some of the great festivities to attend in Prague include:

10. Buy Whatever You Want at Great Prices!

Looking for unique artisan products in Prague

Looking for unique artisan products in Prague

As Eastern Europe is much cheaper than its Western part, in Czech Republic your money will buy you much more happiness than elsewhere. Whether you spend it on a lot of beers, great dinners or some really nice souvenirs – it’s up to you. Prague is a great place for buying quality artisan products: crystal, wooden products, jewellery, traditional beer mugs – read usuful tips here:

Shopping in Prague, Souvenirs, Typical and Cheap Gifts

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