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Why Visit Delft in Winter

Delft in winter scenery has a particular appeal. The canals freeze – when the ice becomes thick enough, the Dutch go ice-skating on the canals! That’s certainly a spectacle to see only in the Netherlands! Even under the cap of snow, Dutch cafés don’t remove the tables on the outside – so-called summer gardens here are open all year, no matter the weather. Obviously, snow is no obstacle to move around by bike – here nobody even thinks twice about it (I did, too, to take these photos).

Enjoy the gallery of Delft in winter!

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Delft - The Netherlands in winter
Prinsenhof in Delft
Snow in Delft
The iconic windmill in Delft
Winter in Delft
The Old Church in Delft under snow
Delft - Holland
I told you that tower is falling!
Delft - Holland
Historical Centre of Delft in winter scenery
Delft in winter
Yes, in the Netherlands we enjoy biking in snow
Delft Canals are starting to freeze
Delft Canals are starting to freeze
Delft - Holland
Grote Markt in Delft under snow
Lovely houses in Delft
Lovely houses in Delft
Delft - Holland
Coffee outside, anyone?
Delft - Holland
Let’s sit here
Delft - Holland
Canals in Delft in white version
Canal view in Delft
Canal view in Delft
White Delft
White Delft
Delft - Holland - Bikes in the snow
Bikes in the snow
Delft - Holland
Prinsenhof and Oude Kerk in Delft
Delft - The Netherlands
Garden of Prinsenhof in Delft
Welcome to Delft - Holland
Welcome to Delft

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