The best of Maastricht
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The Best of Maastricht

See the best of Maastricht – the oldest permanently inhabited city in the Netherlands. The capital of the Limburg province is a beautiful international city with centuries of history, dating back to the ancient Roman settlement.

Thanks to its unique position, very close to the neighbouring countries, its culture was greatly influenced by three countries: the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Maastricht has an impressive number of 1677 historical heritage buildings! It makes it the second richest in monuments city in the Netherlands – only Amsterdam has a few more.

Moreover, it is renowned for being the birthplace of the European Union – where the famous Maastricht Treaty was signed. And that’s where the Euro was created, too. Apart from all that, it’s an important university and cultural centre.

Maastricht is also considered the city that hosts the best carnival in the Netherlands – check it out here.

There is plenty to see and do here. Get inspired by this great video showing the best of Maastricht!

Cover photo by Jorge Franganillo CC BY-SA 2.0


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