Long Live the Goat! Gallery of Goats in Albania

We were travelling to Albania, expecting to see more than 170.000 bunkers spreaded around the tiny country, beautiful beaches and impressive mountains. All these were there, but the most common feature of the Albanian scenery was The Goat. After every turn on the road, on every corner, beach, mountain range or parking lot, there was the melody of the goat, meheheheh meheheh eh eh.

Lovely, friendly and hiding everywhere. As an Albanian myself I was confused, the flag is not representative of our population. The name of the country in Albanian – Shqipëria – means “the Land of the Eagles”, but instead of eagles, there were thousands of goats in Albania. See for yourself!

Enjoy The Goats!

Goats in Albania - Enjoy the Goat View

Enjoy the Goat View

Find the Goat (Sorry, Wally)

Find the Goat (Sorry, Wally)

Find the Goat - Revealed

Find the Goats – Revealed

Goats in Albania - Goat Camouflage

Goat Camouflage

Goat Sunset

Goat Sunset

Goats on the Road - 1

Goating around

Goats on the Road - 2

Goats on a walk

Goats on the Road - 3

It’s our road, pal

Traffic jam

Traffic jam

Traffic Jam - 2

Don’t get in our way!

Goats in Albania - Parking Goats Guardians

Parking Guardians

All the goats gave us permission to appear on Euroviajar.com ;)
Pictures copyright Euroviajar.com

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Editorial Opinion

Meheheheh meheheh meheh.
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