Best Restaurants in Amsterdam & Areas to Eat Out

The gastronomic diversity of the restaurants in Amsterdam will impress you. As one of the most multinational cities in Europe, it offers a great variety of cuisines of different countries, and the possibility to try all the types of the most typical Dutch foods and drinks.

In our guide, we present you the best restaurants in Amsterdam with Dutch cuisine, the best exotic restaurants and the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

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  1. Best Dutch Restaurants
  2. Best Exotic Restaurants
  3. Best Vegan Restaurants
  4. Best Areas to Eat Out in Amsterdam
  5. What to Eat in Amsterdam
  6. Street Food in Amsterdam

1. Best Dutch Restaurants in Amsterdam

1.1. Moeders

The name of the restaurant means “Mothers” and just as it suggests, it offers homely Dutch dishes. It’s a great place to try real Dutch food – especially stamppot, hutspot, typical sausages and meatballs. Portions are generous, prices are decent.

Address: Rozengracht 251, 1016 SX Amsterdam


1.2. The Lobby

Very “Amsterdamish”: stylish, trendy, elegant yet at the same time relaxed. This classy restaurant with great, typical Dutch designer’s interior is a pleasure to be in. We come back regularly. Very tasty food and good selection of beers, mid-range prices, great location.

Address: Nes 49, 1012 KD Amsterdam


1.3. De Kas

One of the most original and super-modern concept restaurants in Amsterdam is De Kas – a restaurant in the historical greenhouses of the 1920s. The restaurant grows its own vegetables and herbs and serves only organic food in elaborate gourmet dishes.

Address: Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3, 1097 DE Amsterdam


1.4. In De Waag

Premium location of In De Waag makes it one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam

Premium location of In De Waag makes it one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam

It is definitely one of the prettiest and most characteristic places to eat in Amsterdam. De Waag is a beautiful historical building from 15th century looking like a small castle. It used to be the city weigh house and a gate forming part of the city walls. It is depicted in one of Rembrandt’s most famous paintings. The restaurant serves a variety of Dutch dishes and is a great spot for lunch, dinner or a beer.

Address: Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam


1.5. The Pantry

Everything about The Pantry is perfectly Dutch: every element of its cozy and warm wooden interior, art and objects all around you and homely Dutch food. It has a lot of character and it is a really pretty and relaxing place with all typical Dutch dishes to try.

Address: Leidsekruisstraat 21, 1017RE Amsterdam


2. Best Exotic Restaurants in Amsterdam

2.1. Tujuh Maret – Indonesian Cuisine

Indonesia was a former Dutch colony, and thus Indonesian cuisine has its firm place in the culinary panorama of the Netherlands. Trying the famous Indonesian Rijsttafel is a must! Read all about it here.

Tujuh Maret may be the best restaurant of Indonesian cuisine in Amsterdam.

Address: Utrechtsestraat 73, 1017 VJ Amsterdam


2.2. Sherpa – Nepalese & Tibetan Cuisine

It really doesn’t happen every day to find a Nepalese and Tibetan restaurant, right? Use your rather unique chance to try the delicious exotic food from these two countries. We’ve been there, we’ve tried it and we recommend it. There is a lot of variety to choose from, mid-range prices, good location.

Address: Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 58, 1017 RD Amsterdam


2.3. Sham – Syrian Cuisine

The authentic Syrian cuisine with a lot of delicious, surprising and interesting options. Healthy and very tasty, very decent prices, with vegan and vegetarian options.

Address: Warmoesstraat 36, 1012JE Amsterdam


2.4. China Sichuan Restaurant – Sichuan Cuisine

Sichuan cuisine is the most famous regional Chinese cuisine, known for spiciness and pronounced flavours. Among many Chinese restaurants in Amsterdam, this one is known for exceptionally high quality and distinctive taste of dishes, and is highly recommended by the locals.

Address: Warmoesstraat 17, 1012 HT Amsterdam


2.5. Bazar – North African & Middle Eastern Cuisine

The restaurant is located in the the trendy De Pijp area around Albert Cuyp market. The food is healthy, delicious and authentic, and the place has a nice oriental vibe. There is a lot of variety and prices are decent.

Address: Albert Cuypstraat 182, 1073 BL Amsterdam


3. Best Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam

3.1. Vegan Junk Food Bar

Funny name, breaking the stereotypes about vegan food, characteristic graffiti-filled interiors and definitely not usual vegan dishes – you’ve got to see it to believe it ;) All kinds of junk food in vegan version: hamburgers, hot-dogs, no-fish sashimi, vegetable fried balls, etc.

Address: There are 4 locations, the most central one is at:
Reguliersdwarsstraat 57, 1017 BK Amsterdam


3.2. Meatless District

Located in the trendy “De Pijp” area of Amsterdam, this restaurant offers seasonal vegan, vegetarian and organic menu. The dishes are elaborate and full of fantasy, the quality is great, the prices are good.

Address: van Woustraat 189-191 hs (De Pijp) Amsterdam


3.3. Mr & Mrs Watson

Incredibly creative vegan cuisine, featuring dishes such as awarded vegan cheeses (different types), cashew fondue, pulled jackfruit etc. Fantastic food, great experience, location in Oost Amsterdam.

Address: Linnaeuskade 3h, 1098 BC Amsterdam


3.4. Mana Mana

This small restaurant offers Israeli vegan dishes, skillfully prepared, delicious, colourful, beautiful and healthy. For many Amsterdammers it’s their favourite vegan/vegetarian restaurant in town!

Address: 1e Jan Steenstraat 85 hs, Amsterdam


3.5. Golden Temple

Named after the Golden Temple in Amritsar in India (I’ve been there :), it’s a real temple for vegans and vegetarians in Amsterdam. This beautifully decorated, colourful, cozy and inviting restaurant offers spectacular vegan fusion dishes that will make you very happy.

Address: Utrechtsestraat 126, 1017 VT Amsterdam


4. Best Areas to Eat Out in Amsterdam

Leidseplein area has many of the best restaurants in Amsterdam

Leidseplein area has many of the best restaurants in Amsterdam

If instead of heading to one of the restaurants we mention, you prefer to choose something spontanously, here are the areas in which you will find dozens of restaurants.


The area has probably the highest concentration of multinational restaurants and bars in the city. You will find here a lot of exotic restaurants (Argentinean, Peruvian, Indian, Mexican etc.), but also Dutch eateries and fast food bars – whatever you need.


This area has an incredible choice of great restaurants. Try the following streets: Utrechtsestraat and Reguliersdwarsstraat. You will find there international restaurants with many very exotic options, and some of the best restaurants in Amsterdam we described above.

Medieval Centre

This is one of the most touristy area of Amsterdam, so some of the restaurants may be tourist traps, but many are great places to eat out, often with canal views.

Damrak street has a lot of restaurants, and also, maybe surprisingly, Red Light District is a good area for a quick bite.


This area behind pretty Nieuwmarkt square is a fantastic place to explore Asian cuisines. These are not only Chinese, but also Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian and more.

De Pijp

It has been already for quite some time one of the trendiest parts of Amsterdam to socialize, eat and drink. There are some budget options of great exotic food, and also some mid-range pleasant eateries and relaxed bars.


Mostly known for best independent and creative boutiques, this area offers also many small cozy concept cafes and bars, some with canal view.

5. What to Eat in Amsterdam

Mustard soup

Mustard soup

Dutch cuisine may be not the most unique, but it has a few dishes which you may like. One of the most interesting and unusual dishes is mustard soup.

The most typical Dutch dishes are stamppots made of various mashed vegetables, often served with a fried sausage.

Another Dutch classic are all kinds of deep-fried foods and snacks: croquettes of meat and fish or cheese and many more.

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To wash down your dish, order some of the good Dutch beers, and for digestive choose jenever or oranjebitter.

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6. Street Food in Amsterdam



A funny, cheap and very Dutch option of fast food is the famous FEBO – a chain of food vending machines. You will find here mostly croquettes, cheese soufflé and fried sausages.

Another typical Dutch fast food options include Belgian-style fries with mayonnaise or other sauce.

Or if you want something really unusual, buy a fresh raw herring in one of the street kiosks (there are always some).

If you crave for sweets, you will find a lot of bakeries with delicious Dutch cookies. Try a marzipan-filled cookie called gevulde koek, and the classic: delicious crunchy caramel stroopwafel.

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