Front-End Developer – Internship

Are you studying and looking for an internship to start in February / March 2019? Are you looking for an experience that allows you to develop projects and challenges you to think differently? Do you live in Europe and are you doing a bachelor or master’s degree in a European university?

If so, you’re in the right place, keep reading!

As a Front-End Developer (intern) in you will have the responsibility and mission to execute projects that will help our community grow constantly. We offer a decentralized environment in which half of the time you execute defined projects within the global strategy of and the other half of the time you develop your own project, in which you will receive help and resources to enable you to execute them.


As a Front-End Developer (intern), you will work on our projects to improve the user experience of the travellers’ community. The main objective is to facilitate accessibility and improve usability in all interactions on the web.


  • Education and/or experience in the sector.
  • Portfolio with examples of front-end development.
  • Familiarity with the terminology of “Agile Development” and “User Experience”.
  • Capacity to prototype ideas in CSS, JS and HTML quickly.
  • Knowledge of jQuery, AJAX, SCSS and Github.

You can plan and execute independent experiments related to the areas of your project, as well as elaborate reports, presentations and periodically communicate progress and opportunities that arise during the development of the projects. You will work directly with the management and development to ensure the periodic implementation of your work.

Personal project

We look for critical thinkers capable of executing and leading projects. If you want to grow professionally, we are willing to invest in you and plan together a personal project within the following topics:

  • Circular Economy: Exploring tourism through new technologies can be sustainable for the planet, society and businesses that depend on the sector.
  • Rural and sustainable tourism: By making connections, small localities can be better coordinated to become more attractive for tourism, thus redistributing prosperity and knowledge through tourism.
  • De-massification: Large cities and small towns have begun to face the problem of mass tourism, but little is known about concrete methods to solve it without negatively affecting the economy, tourists and the administration.

Additional Information

The selection process consists of two interviews by teleconference. Include your resume in PDF format.

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