Rules of the Community

In addition to the legal notice, privacy policy and cookies policy according to the current EU regulations, has some rules to improve the coexistence among the users of the website. Failure to comply with these rules may result in blocking the user by and the elimination of his/her account temporarily and/or permanently.

1. Advertising by third parties or affiliates is not allowed without the express consent of the administration. People seeking to advertise their own products or services are NOT allowed on Do not promote any product or commercial service for your company, blog or website. Self-promotional or irrelevant publications will be DELETED and the user will be banned immediately. This includes publication of blog posts and contests.

2. Avoid SPAM. Links to third party websites and irrelevant content will be always considered SPAM.

3. Remember that is a community of travellers. Forum topics, comments and articles sent for publication should be relevant. Irrelevant and off-topic publications, including travel photos, will be deleted.

4. Avoid negativity. Please be kind to others and express your comments in an educated manner. The goal of is to share our knowledge and help other travellers with our experiences. If you do not respect others and their opinions, you will be eliminated. If you do not agree with something, you are not obligated to comment, but if you do, always do it respectfully.

5. It is prohibited to harass. Causing embarrassment and harassing other users in any way is a reason for permanent expulsion.

6. Help others, travel and enjoy Europe!

We reserve the right to eliminate without prior notice any member who does not follow the rules. All threads, posts or comments that are offensive and cause conflicts within the group will be removed.

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