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We share content and tips about European destinations. As a user you can ask and help answer questions about where to travel, what to do and how to get the best prices in different destinations. It is a free community and by participating, you agree to comply with our community rules.

Ways to contribute to

Below we describe all the ways to contribute to the traveller community:

1. Publish Comments

Publishing comments is free, it does not require registration and can be done anonymously. The comments represent a source of relevant information to update the hundreds of articles with practical information and travel recommendations that are continuously published on

2. Participate in the Forums

In our travel forum, the registered users can post topics and participate in discussions, ask for help and organize group trips to different European destinations. To participate in the forums you must register and be a member.

3. Publish Articles

We accept content (text, photos and videos) from travellers who wish to contribute to the community. We respect the authorship of them and we review the text to improve and adapt it to the rest of the travel guides. If you want to publish an article or contribute to the writing team you must be a registered user and get in touch with us.

4. Translate to English started as a Spanish-language community for travellers in Europe. We are currently translating the contents into English. If you wish to collaborate in the translation of these articles, you must be a registered user and get in touch with us.

5. Suggestions and Requests

Our task is to offer the best user experience, therefore your suggestions are valued and taken seriously to improve our service. Do not hesitate to get in touch to improve

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