When Can We Travel To Greece Again In 2020?

A question that many travellers are asking now is: When can we travel to Greece again in 2020?

Greece has significantly lifted the restrictions of movement related to the pandemic on 25 May, permitting already a free domestic movement. It includes flights and ferries to the islands.

International tourism to Greece in 2020

Holidays in Zakynthos, Greece

Holidays in Zakynthos, Greece

International tourism in Greece will resume on 15 June. From that date, international flights will land in Athens again and hotels will be permitted to reopen.

Direct international flights to smaller destinations, i.e. Greek islands, will resume 2 weeks later, starting from 1st July.

Countries with allowed entry

However, Greece, which has passed the COVID-19 pandemic quite slightly, will not welcome everybody right from the beginning. International flights to Greece will be allowed first to the inhabitants of the countries, where the level of contagion was not extremely high. These countries include for now:

Albania, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Croatia, China, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Japan, Norway, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia.

Countries with prohibited entry

For now, restrictions will apply to some of the countries which brought most tourism to Greece, such as:

Russia, the UK and the USA.

Security measures

If that's how social distancing in bars will look like in Santorini, I'm in!

If that’s how social distancing in bars will look like in Santorini, I’m in!

As in every other country, safety measures will apply to all means of transport, including flights and ferries, and of course to hotels, restaurants and bars.

Expect the measures of social distancing also on the beaches, and limited capacity in beach clubs.

Which regions of Greece are the safest?

Anywhere in Greece is relatively low-risk, as it was one of the countries least impacted by COVID-19 in Europe.

Read more about the safety measures and useful information here:

When Can We Travel To Europe Again In 2020?

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