When Can We Travel To Europe Again In 2020?

When can we travel to Europe again in 2020? This is a questions that travellers have been asking themselves a lot lately.

As we all know, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the mobility of people has restricted up to a critical point, and all the airlines in the world have ceased or limited their operations to avoid more infections. However, after more than two months of strict confinement and progress to find an effective vaccine, many countries in Europe and the world have begun to remove or reduce the restrictions of movement.

The progressive de-escalation of lockdown measures and the gradual relaxation of security measures is changing every week, so we will update this article regularly so that you get the relevant information. Below you will find information about various Mediterranean countries. We will post information about other countries as well.

So far, Italy and Spain are reporting much lower numbers of people affected by the illness, but they also recommend the continuity of the security parameters. Airports began evaluating their prompt reopening of activities with biosecurity measures and other protection standards.

When can we travel to Europe again in 2020?

Read our updated news about the most touristic countries:

When Can We Travel To Italy Again In 2020?

When Can We Travel To Italy Again In 2020?

When Can We Travel To Greece Again In 2020?

When Can We Travel To Greece Again In 2020?

When Can We Travel To Spain Again In 2020?

When Can We Travel To Spain Again In 2020?

What is the safest holiday destination in 2020?

In our opinion, Albania: this beautiful Mediterranean country was one of the least affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (with only a thousand cases and 33 deaths, incomparable with other European countries).

Albania has attractive seaside resorts, authentic mountain villages, UNESCO monuments and incredible food. And contrary to the bad press of the past country, Albanians are friendly and welcoming, and the country is very safe.

Albania offers excellent, safe and very affordable vacation options. Even if you have never considered going there, this year could be your best option.

What to See in Albania – The Best Places To Visit (2020)

Other safest European countries (with least cases of COVID-19) include:

  • Montenegro,
  • Malta,
  • Cyprus.

What will be the percentage of hotels open this year?

Room with a view - hotel in Santorini, Greece

Room with a view – hotel in Santorini, Greece

The hotels, like most businesses in the tourist sector, are developing protocols to start their work and avoid infections. For this reason, the opening of only 56% of hotel companies worldwide has been reported so far.

In addition, employees of the hotels will receive the guests with a security kit that will contain safety supplies. The bag will contain a reusable face mask, soap, antibacterial gel, wet towels and surgical gloves.

Hotels will seek to avoid crowds of people gathering in their facilities such as restaurants, swimming pools and lounges for relaxation.

But do not despair, you can still enjoy all your favorite activities, since the hotel companies will create recreational plans based on biosecurity. Hotels are devising effective formats of entertainment available in this particular year.

What are the security measures at airports before COVID-19?

Monalisa dutifully uses the safety precautions

Monalisa dutifully uses the safety precautions

Clearly, all the countries worldwide are carrying out the relevant protocols for progressive deconfinement.

Certain biosecurity measures will be in place at airports, such as:

  • Wearing the mask is mandatory.
  • It is important to avoid contact with other people, so each traveller will have to keep distance from the others, more than a meter apart.
  • A prevention kit against the transmission of COVID-19 will be provided.
  • You must avoid touching different areas of the face such as face or nose.
  • You should avoid touching metal surfaces withour gloves.
  • During the passage through the metal detector, people will undergo a security temperature check on their foreheads. Suspicious cases will be transferred to a special cabin where a quick virus test will be done.
  • Carrying out screening tests on access lines for travel abroad.
  • Mandatory quarantine at points agreed upon by each specific country, especially for individuals with any suspicious symptoms.
  • All areas inside the plane will have to be disinfected with materials stipulated by the WHO.
  • The common areas (such as food stalls or ATMs) will remain closed.

Is it reasonable to buy a flight now or better wait?

Let's buy it?

Let’s buy it?

This is a question that will depend on how you evaluate 2 factors:

  • your health condition, and
  • risk of flight/booking cancellation.

If you are a person in good health condition that will follow all security measures, you can consider travelling at your own risk. Obviously, if you are in the high risk group (heart condition, high blood pressure, asthma, senior age), it is best to wait until the situation is deemed safe again.

You go for a trip to relax and enjoy it, not to have headaches. So if you want to travel to European countries with the pandemic risk, you must have all the necessary supplies and be very cautious. Buy travel health insurance, but check specifically is it covers COVID-19 cases, as they may be waived.

Before you buy a trip in the current context, check with the airlines and hotels their specific protection standards. And of course check thoroughly their cancellation policy, because as you have surely heard, lots of flights get cancelled or postponed.

Surely, at this particular time, you will have the opportunity to visit usually crowded places with unique tranquility. If you want to see iconic monuments of Italy or have a Greek beach half-empty, this could be your ideal occassion.

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