Tavertet is a spectacular mountain area located 103 km from Barcelona in Osona region.

The mountain town of Tavertet was for very long placed “at the end of the world”, isolated from the rest of the region, without a road. It is connected by the road only since the second half of the 20th century. This isolation preserved its old-fashioned charm.

Most of the buildings in Tavertet are pretty 19th-century stone houses, typical for Catalonia.

A fun fact: There are only three main streets in town, with very practical names reflecting their location: Carrer de Dalt, del Mig  and d’Avall, meaning High, Middle and Low Street.

Highlights of the town:

  • Sant Cristòfol de Tavertet church from 11th century

Hiking in the Tavertet area

The area is great for hiking in the mountain area and through lovely forests.

On the north, you can explore the nature of Collsacabra region, with its spectacular waterfalls: Noguer and Molí-Bernat.

Continuing your hike, you can see Sima stream in Cua de Cavall.

Don’t miss Salto de Sallent – the biggest waterfall in Catalonia.

Highlights for hiking:

  • Mirador de Tavertet – viewpoint
  • Morro de l’abella – Cingle Penya-Segat – viewpoint
  • Salt de Molí-Bernat – waterfall
  • Salt de Sallent – waterfall
  • Sau reservoir

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