Barcelona Facing the Lockdown – Photo Gallery

We all know Barcelona as one of Europe’s most joyful, fun and vibrant cities. It feels so melancholic to see it half empty, shut down and quiet. In front of the cathedral people stand still and silent as an elderly musician plays “The Final Countdown” on his pianola…

Entire Spain is in the “state of alarm” due to COVID-19. On Monday 16 March at 8 a.m., a quarantine will be introduced in the entire country. People will be allowed to go out only to a pharmacy, to a grocery shop to buy basic products, or to go to work if it cannot be avoided. It is recommended for everyone to stay at home.

Below, you will find a photo gallery of pre-quarantine Barcelona.

Barcelona City Hall at Plaça de Sant Jaume

Who has ever managed to take photo of Carrer de Bisbe without people?!

Surreal silence around the cathedral of Barcelona

Plaça del Rei, perfectly empty

Passeig de Colom has never looked more empty

Parts of the city always bustling with life feel abandoned

Normally Barrio Gotico would be so quiet only at 3 am

Empty streets of Barrio Gotico

The square in front of Cathedral never looks like this on a weekend afternoon

“The Final Countdown” played in front of the cathedral

Quiet squares of El Born

Passeig de Colom without cars

La Rambla was quiet, too

Barceloneta is still quite full of people

On 14th, Barceloneta was still full of people using the last opportunity to go out. On Sunday it was closed off by police.

Via Laietana with no traffic

A private moment

Not a living soul on the narrow streets of El Born

Apocalyptic El Born

Hey, where is everybody?!

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